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Four years ago, the Spanish Muslim Girls Association (ACHIME) started with a mission: to provide an environment where muslims girls all over Spain could meet, develop a strong and confident Spanish-muslim identity, feel empowered, grow at both an intelectual and a spiritual level, get involved in their society, fight misconceptions about islam and muslim women as well as stereotypes, and why not, enjoy the process!


We worked restlessly and tirelessly to achieve that mission, and after all these years, we have been able to see great results by the will of Allah (God), probably much more than we ever expected or dreamed of.


Although based in Madrid, girls all over Spain have and benefited from our work and activities. We've been able to deliver a great number of workshops & lectures (both of religious and non religious content), to participate and initiate numerous volunteering activities, to support different social causes, to rise our voice on national television, radio and newspapers, to promote sport and healthy lifestyles and to travel and expand our mental boundaries within Madrid, Spain and Europe.


All of this, we achieved, thanks to Allah (God), with our own means. We believed firmly in our vision and didn't think about money as a barrier between us and what we wanted to achieve. Despite the fact that most of us where just students when we started, we didn't doubt for a second about putting all of our savings and any money we could take lended from our parents or relatives into this project. And even at the times when maths showed us that it was absolutely and objectively impossible to carry out some of our aims, we kept on going trusting Allah (God), and alhamdulillah (thanks to God) the rizq (provision) came from places we never expected.


It is at this point, looking back at all the things that we have achieved, and all the things still ahead of us, that we are so eager to start working and running for, that we would like to invite others to help us reach further. We will definitely keep working no matter what, but with the support of more people, we are sure we can do it better and greater!


It will be a pleasure for us to count with your support in any way possible: with your du'a (prayer), advice, by sharing this with your close ones or on your public social media, or by supporting it economically.







           It sounds typical, but in all honesty, any of the above will be a much needed help! Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and help us, we will be forever grateful.

ACHIME: Making our youth feel and live their Islam.

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